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Pink Tiger (10 seeds)

Pink Tiger (10 seeds)

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The Pink Tiger is a hot chili pepper Chinense cross between Bhut Jolokia and Pimenta da Neyde.
It comes from a variety selected by an italian association and circulated with different names.
The plant is dark/green and grows as Pimenta da Neyde. The fruits starts to dark purple and ripen to cream/peach with purple and pink shades. 
As many Bhut x Neyde crosses that I grow here, the pods are striped and spotted with incredible color variations (I guess can depend by many factors as strong sun and exposition).
Heat and taste as Bhut Jolokia.
WARNING: the pods can have different shape and color (striped, spots or not) depending by cultivation parameters and strong sun. The pics you can see on my blog are about my pods in my garden but different results are possible.

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